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whoweareIf a child’s job is to grow, learn, and play, our job is to help a child be a child. We recognize that each child is unique and needs an individual treatment plan. Children’s Therapy Clinic offers a team approach to focus on each child’s needs and abilities by including parents, caregivers, family members, and other professionals involved with the child. Our therapists help each child to reach his or her full potential and help create the little miracles of a child’s first step or word.

Children’s Therapy Clinic offers comprehensive therapy services to children ages birth through 18. Our clients have inadequate or no insurance coverage for their condition, and may be economically disadvantaged. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and we are funded by grants, grassroots fundraising efforts, and donations from corporations and individuals. Visit “Support CTC” to find out how you can help.

We provide physical, occupational, speech, and music therapies and an autism socialization program to improve functional abilities of children with a variety of special needs. These include developmental delays, neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy, musculoskeletal disorders such as spina bifida, and genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome.

Our therapists also work frequently with autism, apraxia, seizure disorders, sensory integration disorders, prematurity, traumatic brain injury, phonological disorders, and central auditory disorders.

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Children's Therapy Clinic

113 Lakeview Dr.
Charleston, WV 25313

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