If you are a parent, caregiver, or physician who knows a child who could benefit from our service, please call us today at (304) 342-9515 to request an application for services or you can download an application from this website.

Each child is evaluated at the onset of therapy. The therapists use standardized tests, informal assessment, observation, and parent interview. Once is it determined the child needs ongoing therapy, a treatment plan is developed that outlines the short-term objectives and long-term goals for each client. These goals and objectives must be objective, measurable, and based on function. The child’s treatment plan is reviewed at least every 6 months and goals are added as others are mastered.

Children’s Therapy Clinic works to improve the functional abilities of children with a variety of special needs through physical, occupational, speech, and music therapy, and our autism socialization program. We treat children with developmental delays, neurological impairments such as cerebral palsy; musculoskeletal disorders such as spina bifida, and genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome. Other common disorders we work with include autism, apraxia, seizure disorders, sensory integration disorders, prematurity, traumatic brain injury, phonological disorders, and central auditory disorders.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists at CTC work to enhance motion, strength, coordination, and balance, small and large muscle movement, as well as wheelchair positioning and equipment usage. Our services are provided in a fun environment that encourages children to gain the physical ability to play with the toys of childhood.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists care for children with coordination and sensory abnormalities. They help children with the basic tasks of everyday life, such as dressing, bathing, and eating, by improving upper extremity dexterity strength and function through the use of adaptive equipment. Our occupational therapists can help children learn how to play- even creating alternative ways for them to play if needed.

Speech Therapy

Children’s Therapy Clinic’s speech and language therapists focus on improving a child’s articulation, language skills, and general communication. Therapists work to help children develop the mouth movements that significantly impact speech production. Speech and language therapists help children to communicate with the world.

Music Therapy

Music Therapists use music to increase social, motor, communication, cognitive and behavioral skills. Some of the most common skills that can be improved are: attention span, eye hand coordination, social skills, focusing, fine motor skills, and cooperation skills. A music therapy assessment will be completed to interpret the following areas: behavior, cognitive, motor, communication, and social skills. Music Therapy has been shown to change behaviors in all areas, from a child needing social engagement to an adult needing improvement in fine motor or rehab after a stroke.

Autism Socialization Program

The therapist incorporates behavioral teaching with developmental play. A program that addresses development as well as behavioral goals will be established for each child at the initiation of services. Using a structured play session, fun activities are presented while providing opportunities for communication using “Social Thinking” strategies. The therapist also works with the parent to address issues such as social skills, toileting, eating, and school. Playgroups are scheduled during the year to engage children in using their new skills within a group situation as well as to provide an opportunity for social interactions.

Discovery Club

Discovery Club combines social skill learning with fun! Children will explore social thinking, play games and participate in cooperative projects. Each session will provide opportunities to practice play skills, game participation, conversation, self- awareness and flexibility in a safe and positive atmosphere. This is both an educational and fun way to learn!

Discovery Club sessions are held each from August—December and January—May.

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