“When my daughter began speech therapy I couldn’t understand what she was saying at times. She would get so frustrated, which was heartbreaking to me. She has made so much progress in the time she has worked with her speech therapist. I’m very thankful for the services she has received at Children’s Therapy Clinic. It has been a blessing and she wouldn’t be where she is today without you.”

“After coming here we have seen dramatic improvement in our son’s speech and social skills. He loves his therapists and looks forward to coming every week. My son has made so much progress over the last year and CTC gets all the credit!”

“My son Matthew attends Children's Therapy Clinic for three sessions a week...speech, autism group, and occupational therapy. He has been receiving services for 4 years and I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been for him and our family. 

First of all, as a parent, you never want to hear that there is something wrong with your child. When we first started coming, I was amazed at how the therapists and office staff were so loving and concerned for MY CHILD. Then, as I started getting to know others, I noticed that they were the same way with everyone.

The therapists not only do a job, they do it well and love the children they are teaching. As the therapists are working with our children...parents, grandparents, guardians and friends gather in the waiting room.

I have found that some days, although a struggle to get to the clinic, I am anxious to get to the waiting room to MY "therapy session". We see the same group of people every week and they become more than just friends, they become family.

This is the one room I do not feel crazy in! When I'm at my wits end trying to understand and figure out why my son does this or that.....I begin sharing and discovering that others are doing the same things and we compare our notes.

It's then that I feel "normal" because someone else is walking in my shoes and feels my frustration. We all cheer when one of our children accomplish the smallest detail, because to us, in our world, no detail is too small. To be honest, I would rather not walk this road that I'm on with my son.

I don't know of anyone that WANTS to be the parent of a special needs child. However, I do know that since I AM on this road, I am so thankful that Children Therapy Clinic has been a bright stop along the way.

I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of CTC. It is a privilege to not only call them friends but family.”

“My son Jacob has autism and soon will turn six. I had never heard him say ‘I love you’. It seems I had waited an eternity just to hear him say ‘Mommy’, so I wasn’t expecting much. As a mother I think we all long to hear those words. I had gone out shopping when my phone rang and on the other end I heard the sweetest sound. ‘Mommy, I wuv you.’ I said, ‘What.’ Again I heard, ‘Mommy I wuv you’. I was crying, ‘Say it again.’ Jacob said, ‘Mommy I wuv you.’

My heart was soaring, this was my moment. I thank God every day for little miracles, and I thought this one was huge!”

“Our son, Jayvin has been receiving services for two years and the progress made with his speech and behavior is beyond words. Everyone there is very friendly, inviting and professional. We look forward to our appointments every week. With the challenges families with autism face every day, it's calming to know we have those who also understand our struggles as well as our strengths. Children's Therapy Clinic has moved mountains with Jayvin's development, that at times we thought were going to be his most challenging. Not only does Jayvin love his therapists, but I myself have come to love them and the other families we've encountered on our visits. Without Children's Therapy Clinic I honestly don't know where my son and our family would be heading. We were lost before them, but now we are found. Thank you for everything you all do to make a difference in children’s lives.”

 “William Ellis is our five year old son with Autism. We first got his diagnosis at age 3. At that time he would not make eye contact, avoided any social interactions, did not engage in pretend play, stimmed constantly, had frequent meltdowns, and although he was verbal he did not converse with anyone. We knew early intervention was key to his success and therefore, started the search for therapists. By educating ourselves, becoming advocates for our son, surrounding ourselves with a circle of support, and almost two years of therapy with OT, Speech, Socialization, ABA and simple determination, we are excited to say the William now makes eye contact, is much better with socialization and social settings, stims only occasionally, has fewer meltdowns, engages in some pretend play, and now knows how to ask for items, communicate his wants and needs, and even have some conversations appropriately. Children’s Therapy Clinic has been one of the biggest contributing factors in aiding to William reaching these milestones! They have provided William with positive and productive therapists as well as providing our family the sense of hope and assurance of knowing that our son will be able to have the quality of therapy he needs despite finances. I do not think of Children’s Therapy Clinic as a “clinic” that I have to take my child to but rather a major part of our support family.”

 “My son was a client of Children’s Therapy Clinic for about three years. He received OT and Autism Social Therapy during this time, at no cost to me. As a direct result of this therapy, his fine motor skills and social interactions have improved more than I could have ever hoped for. Before CTC, my son could not button, snap, zip, or tie much of anything. After his therapy he can do all four and is even able to bathe and dress himself. He had other fine motor skills problems such as his hand writing, which has also improved some. As for social skills he would never play with his peers or would not notice them at all. Again, after working with CTC he is joining in game and play with other children at school more often. He even made one friend. He never could before. I am very pleased with his great progress. 

 CTC is such a blessing, because I could not have provided therapy for him otherwise. There are so many WV families who have no or insufficient insurance coverage for therapy and are financially unable to pay. Without CTC we would have no hope of help for our children. I can never express in words my gratitude and thanks to the staff of CTC for all they have done for us.”

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